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How to make evaluations awesome and meaningful

While evaluations are an optional part of the Participatory Budgeting (PB) process, they are well worth the time and energy required to conduct them. Christine Paulin, professor at the Université de Moncton, and Jake Carlson, PBP Research Fellow, led a PB Network Study Session to share their insights on PB evaluations. See more below for […]

How to Make Civic Data Work for You

Good data is being used to make better participatory budgeting (PB). In Greensboro, they’ve used the previous cycle’s data to set goals and to figure out where to direct outreach to maximize participation – particularly of underrepresented populations. Research from the New York PB Research Board and the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice […]

Welcome back-to-school-PB!

Today’s lesson: How to learn democracy by doing democracy As schools reconvene from summer break, more and more are empowering students to directly decide how to spend a portion of their school budget through participatory budgeting (PB). One of the best ways to teach democracy is by doing real democracy; PB in schools does exactly […]

PBP News: Tools, Trainings, Tactics to rebuild democracy

Get these updates in your inbox: Sign up for our newsletter Summer is a time for getting out of your house and spending time in your neighborhood; participatory budgeting (PB) helps connect your community to make your spaces BETTER. You’re an expert in where you live, and you know what it takes to improve the public […]

Expanding the imagination of democracy: PB in Paris

In 2014, the City of Paris started the world’s largest participatory budget (PB). It began as a test-run a few months after Mayor Anne Hidalgo was elected – citizens could vote on how to spend €20 million on 15 possible projects identified by the city. A few months later they began a full-scale PB, with […]

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