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PB: promoting health, equity, and justice

PB builds healthy communities.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has recognized PB as an innovative idea for building a culture of health, and announced our awesome Deputy Director Jen Godzeno as a RWJF Culture of Health Leader!

PB builds racial equity.
We are thrilled that the Movement for Black Lives lifted up PB in its policy platform released in August, as a demand for community control over local budgets. Our very own team member and Black Youth Project member Rossanna Mercedes published an article highlighting the ways PB can be a tool for real power for black lives.  The Aspen Institute also lifts up PB as an innovative  approach for racial equity!

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Check out our new tools that support your work

1. Download our PB in Schools Guide to learn how to bring your school community closer and educate students in an engaging democratic process!

2. Learn about TIF funds (Taxpayer Increment Finance funds) and how to bring the voices of your community into the allocation process with our PB with TIF Funds guide.

3. Check out our brand new White paper, Next Generation Democracy, that shows the ways innovative leaders are reaching more people, bridging community divides, and making government work with participatory budgeting.

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Don’t forget to join us on Sunday! 

Join us in celebrating the first one hour broadcast documentary to show what PB looks like in the US. “Count Me In,” a film by Ines Sommer that follows the stories of volunteers in PB in Chicago, will be available on more than 155 PBS stations this fall.

The premiere on PBS World Channel is Sunday, October 9th at 12:30 EST.
Find your local listings on at http://www.countmeinmovie.com/broadcast

More cities kicking off PB this Fall

Fall PB season is upon us! PB cycles across North America are starting up:

Youth in Baltimore will soon be able to participate in participatory budgeting! PBP and Strong City Baltimore are currently planning a PB process for a new $11 million youth fund that is expected to launch in early 2017. Learn more here.


Students in Phoenix, Arizona are beginning a groundbreaking school district PB process! The Phoenix Union High School District approved a pilot process giving students real power over at least $50,000 of the school budget. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting model for PB in schools!

And don’t forget our more experienced PB cities! Chicago, Toronto, and NYC launch new cycles this Fall as well.

Can’t wait to get involved? Our MyReps tool helps you contact your local elected officials to ask them to support PB – check it out!

You funded 2 new tools with PB2

This year nearly 150 PBP supporters voted to fund two AMAZING PB2 projects with $18,000 of their donations. The winners were:

  • PB in Schools Video ($10,000) We will produce a 3-5 minute video documenting a PB process in which students decide how to spend part of their school budget.

  • Data for delegates ($8,000) We will develop an initial online hub of resources that budget delegates can use to make informed decisions about what PB projects to include on the ballot.

Read the full project descriptions in our PB2 results blog post.

Is there a project you were rooting for that didn’t win? You can help to fund it with additional donations!

PBP is growing up so fast! *tear*

Welcome our new team member Roselyn!

Give a warm welcome to Roselyn Berry, our new Oakland Community Engagement Coordinator. With years of experience organizing youth and women, and as a proud member of the Black Youth Project, Roselyn brings a commitment to transformative engagement that we are so excited to have on our team. Get to know Roselyn better on our staff page.

The Brooklyn PBP office has moved; check out our new digs.

As the demand for PB grows, so do we! This year we grew too big for our current Brooklyn Creative Leagueoffice capacity, so we have moved to a new coworking office at Brooklyn Creative League. We are thrilled to be moving to such a friendly, collaborative space, and to have cool neighbors like IOBY and the Gender Equality Law Center.

Want to work with us?

We’re hiring a paid Intern and looking for new board members:

  • Individual Giving Internship. The internship is ideal for individuals interested in exploring the potential of participatory democracy, learning nonprofit development and fundraising skills, and gaining professional experience with a growing nonprofit organization. The position will be based in our Brooklyn, NY location.
  • We are looking for a few new Board Members to play a key role in building a sustainable foundation for the organization and the participatory budgeting (PB) movement. We are especially interested in candidates who have a background in nonprofit law, management, marketing, finance, or fundraising, and who have experience with PB. New Board Members may be based anywhere in the US or Canada.

Participatory Budgeting Project

We’re a nonprofit organization that empowers people to decide together how to spend public money.

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Want to introduce your friends to PB? Start here by watching the 4-minute, award-winning video “Real Money, Real Power” to learn about how PB works to empower local residents!

Our work is only possible due to generous support of individuals, public funding, and our foundation partners.