5 Reasons Why You Should Vote for More Fundraising

Over the past few weeks, PBP staff have presented each of the projects on the PB2 ballot, to explain why they deserve your vote. Everyone who donates for the rest of 2012 will get to vote for how the donations are spent – see the six projects on the ballot on the PB2 page. Last up is PBP Executive Director Josh Lerner, pleading for you to vote for hiring a new part-time fundraiser:Hire Part-Time Development Person

You might assume that PBP is raking in the big bucks. After all, we have a new office, website, and staff – plus our bread and butter is budgeting. Surely we must have plenty budgeted for ourselves.

Alas, no. We’re a small start-up organization with a shoestring budget. But your donation can help us raise thousands more for PB, if you give and vote for a part-time development hire – someone to help us write grants and push our fundraising to the next level. Please vote for a development hire, the gift that keeps on giving. Here are five reasons why:

1) We’re making peanuts. Our total budget this year will be around $150,000, which has to cover 6 staff and all other costs. You can do the math.

2) We’re turning people away. Every week, a new government official or organization asks for help setting up a PB process, but we can’t follow through on most inquiries since we’re stretched so thin.

3) We have no dedicated fundraising staff. I try my best, but with everything else on my plate, there’s little time to apply for grants.

4) We’re fundable. When we do manage to apply for grants, we have a good track record. And there are many more funders who would likely be interested in PB, if we had the time and resources to apply.

5) There’s probably a fifth reason too, but I have to run to three straight meetings and won’t have time to think of it… until you give and vote to hire a part-time development person!