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Best of 2016

Happy Holidays from the PBP Family!

2016 was a year of tremendous growth and learning here at PBP, and as it comes to a close we can honestly say we’re not just aiming to transform democracy – we’re actually doing it. Join us for a look at our three biggest wins this year:

We expanded PB to a record number of cities, people, and dollars.

PB is bigger than ever, and the numbers show it. We have helped to support PB processes in more than 20 cities, distribute over $200 million to much-needed community projects, and engage more than 250,000 people. But our growth goes beyond numbers – this year we also connected to wider movements, communities, and causes:

PB for racial equity: We are thrilled that the Movement for Black Lives lifted up PB in its policy platform released in August, as a demand for community control over local budgets.

PB for healthy communities: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has recognized PB as an innovative idea for building a culture of health, and announced our awesome Deputy Director Jen Godzeno as a RWJF Culture of Health Leader!

PB for youth engagement: Students in Phoenix, Arizona are beginning a groundbreaking school district-wide PB process – the first of its kind in the U.S! Read more about how these students are making history.

PB with federal funds: We launched the first PB process for federal funds, for Community Development Block Grants in Oakland
, and we won a HUD grant with the Cloudburst Group to provide technical assistance to cities.



➋ We made new tools for you

pbp_whitepaper_2016_coverStarting new PB processes isn’t everything! Here at PBP we know how important it is to deepen and improve the participatory budgeting process as it grows into more cities, funds, and communities. So this year we buckled down and developed a whole library of tools, guides, and resources to make PB better, not just more common. Check ‘em out:

  • Bring PB to your school and engage students in a democratic process with the resources and lesson plans in our PB in Schools Guide.

  • Learn how to take control of your PB process data with our Info Management Report and Tip Sheet.

  • Learn how to make your process more equitable and reflective of your communities with our Outreach Toolkit.

  • Bring the voices of your community into the allocation process of TIF (Taxpayer Increment Finance) funds with our PB with TIF Funds guide

  • Our MyReps tool helps you contact your local elected officials to ask them to support PB

  • Our White paper tailored towards city officials, Next Generation Democracy, shows the ways innovative leaders are reaching more people, bridging community divides, and making government work with participatory budgeting.


➌ We leveled up as an organization

To meet the growing demand for PB across North America and lead this work forward, PBP grew internally and developed as a strong and healthy organization. We welcomed nine new staff, launched a new website, and grew into a new Brooklyn office. We are continuing to grow stronger, to help you build community power over community budgets.

As 2017 rapidly approaches, we are more prepared than ever to move democracy forward together. And just look at these adorable faces!

PBP team at the 2016 Spring Retreat

As we prepare for the new opportunities and needs to build local democracy in 2017, we see participatory budgeting as an essential next step for our democracy – now more than ever. But we can’t do it without YOU!

Great news! Our board just announced a $5,000 matching donation as part of our Democracy Made by You Campaign. This  means our board will DOUBLE your gift today until December 23rd! This is your chance to make real democracy.


Onward to 2017!

Participatory Budgeting Project

We’re a nonprofit organization that empowers people to decide together how to spend public money.

Our work is only possible due to generous support of individuals, public funding, and our foundation partners:


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