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SMS Outreach Guide

SMS (short message services), also known as text messaging, is one of the most accessible, ubiquitous modes of communication in the world—almost everyone texts! Just as businesses and nonprofits use SMS marketing to reach new customers and members, public institutions are also turning to text messaging to inform and engage the communities they serve – […]

How would you spend $35,000 to make PB better?

It is that time of the year again! We need your ideas for how to make PB bigger and better. To practice what we preach, PBP invites everyone who donates to our organization to decide how part of the donations are spent – it’s our own participatory budgeting process, called PB2. Submit your idea today […]

How to Make Civic Data Work for You

Good data is being used to make better participatory budgeting (PB). In Greensboro, they’ve used the previous cycle’s data to set goals and to figure out where to direct outreach to maximize participation – particularly of underrepresented populations. Research from the New York PB Research Board and the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice […]

Building Innovative Networks for Reimagining Democracy

As we kicked off Summer 2017, we asked if you wanted your participatory budgeting process to be more equitable and effective. We followed up by inviting you to join us for our North American PB Network Summer Implementation Institute – where we partnered with experts to strengthen four key parts of the PB process together. Today, […]

PBP News: International Conference, Trainings, Youth Leaders, and Scaling Up

Get these updates in your inbox: Sign up for our newsletter Join us at our 2018 conference We are proud to partner with a team of civic innovators to present the Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference on March 8-10, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ. The conference will bring together more than 250 community leaders, government officials and […]

Online Training: PB 101

This is a tough time to be working on engagement and democracy. People are tired of politics as usual, tired of their voices not being heard. Our democracy is not working. At PBP, we have a solution: Share real power over real money. Thousands of people across North America and around the world are already […]

Taking PB to Scale

Australians sit at Participatory Budgeting meeting

Participatory budgeting (PB) has been successfully implemented in districts, cities, and school districts across North America, allowing members of these local communities to directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. From wards in Chicago, to schools in Phoenix, to across the city in Boston, we’ve seen hundreds of local-level PB success stories […]

Mapping Data-driven Community Decisions

Participatory budgeting thrives when community members have access to data that informs their decisions and inspires them to think about their surroundings. As participatory budgeting (PB) grows, its impact on the physical landscape has become increasingly apparent.

PBP News: Tools, Trainings, Tactics to rebuild democracy

Get these updates in your inbox: Sign up for our newsletter Summer is a time for getting out of your house and spending time in your neighborhood; participatory budgeting (PB) helps connect your community to make your spaces BETTER. You’re an expert in where you live, and you know what it takes to improve the public […]

Why accessibility should be at the center of your work

Accessibility keyboard

Placing accessibility considerations at the beginning and center of a design process does more than include additional people — the end result is clearer design, more people’s ideas, and an improved end product. Equity means bringing many types of people to a place of equal power to contribute and participate. When we ensure that our […]