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Chicago Election Results

Chicago’s municipal elections this Tuesday delivered good news for participatory budgeting. Joe Moore won the 49th Ward in a landslide with 72% of the vote, after barely winning in a runoff last election.
Amongst the other candidates who pledged to launch PB in their wards, 8 won office:
1st Ward: Proco “Joe” Moreno
5th Ward: Leslie Hairston
7th Ward: Sandi Jackson
28th Ward: Jason Ervin
29th Ward: Deborah Graham
30th Ward: Ariel Roboyras
47th Ward: Ameya Pawar
48th Ward: Harry Osterman
Six other PB supporters are heading for run-off elections on Tuesday April 5th:
17th Ward: David Moore
25th Ward: Cuahutemoc Morfin
43rd Ward: Michelle Smith
45th Ward: John Arena
46th Ward: James Cappleman
50th Ward: Deborah Silverstein

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