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This webinar introduces A Guide to Participatory Budgeting in Schools, a free resource for educators to conduct participatory budgeting (PB) in schools.

PB meaningfully engages students and other stakeholders in deciding how to spend a portion of a school budget. Students think about community needs and issues and then are empowered to design and implement solutions.

Educators will learn how to use tools that:

  • strengthen the school community by building positive relations between students and the administration;

  • cultivate collaboration, public speaking, and research skills;

  • teach democracy by doing democracy.

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Join curriculum consultant Valeria Mogilevich and PBP Project Managers Maria Hadden and Melissa Appleton on the webinar to review the Guide’s 18 lesson plans and 6 worksheets, which walk you through planning, idea collection, proposal development, voting, and implementation.

We will discuss getting started — How do you get funds for your PB process? Who needs to be involved? How long does planning take, anyway? — and ways to modify the process to meet your school context. And there will be plenty of time for your questions and for networking with other awesome civically-minded, PB-interested educators.

Register here to attend the webinar on Tuesday, August 30 at 2pm EST

If you have any questions, please email maria@participatorybudgeting.org!

Don’t forget to download the free Guide!

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