It’s your turn to to decide how the Participatory Budgeting Project will spend over $14,000, to help participatory budgeting grow. Every year, we invite everyone who donates to our organization to decide how part of the donations are spent – it’s our own participatory budgeting process, called PB2. When you donate now, we’ll add your donation to the pot and send you a link to vote!

Last year, you funded stipends to bring young people to our annual conference and the first version of our Organizing toolkit.

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2015 PB2 Ballot

We collected more than 80 ideas at our open houses and through our stakeholder survey from February-May.

The PB Amplifiers and our staff vetted and researched these ideas, then turned them into the following 9 project proposals:

  • Training Video: Proposal Development
  • SMS Engagement Toolkit
  • PB Advocacy Training Curriculum
  • Improve Digital Tools for Voting
  • Online Tools for Asking Local Officials to Launch PB
  • Toolkit: Organizing Marginalized Communities in PB
  • PB in Schools Curriculum
  • PB Outcomes Photo Archive
  • “By the People” Conference Participation

Voting kicked off on Friday at our Oakland office-warming party. If you are joining us for the #PBParty on June 16 you’ll get the chance to cast your vote in person. Voting closes on June 30.


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