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New Data-Driven Map Shows Spread of Participation in Democracy

As we celebrate the first 30 years of participatory budgeting (PB) in the world and the first 10 years of the Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP), we reflect on how far and wide PB has spread–and how it continues to grow! We’re thrilled to introduce a new tool to help us look back as we plan […]

Meet PBP’s New Research Fellow Loren Peabody

Our team at the Participatory Budgeting Project is excited to welcome a new Research Fellow, Loren Peabody. As a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in the Sociology Department, Loren is committed to learning and teaching about sociology, international studies, American society, and urban sociology. Loren, can you tell us about your […]

Lessons from 30 years of a global experiment in democracy

The Hewlett Foundation and Omidyar Network recently funded a major new report on the lessons learned from 30 years of participatory budgeting (PB). In July, we hosted a webinar about the state and future of PB with report authors Stephanie McNulty and Brian Wampler. Check out the webinar recording, slides, and key takeaways below. We […]

Summer News: Welcome a new wave of voters + civic innovation

PB increases voter likelihood by 7% New research shows that people who take part in PB are 7% more likely to vote in an election. Candidates are winning recent elections by narrow margins. A 7% increase in voter likelihood could reshape political landscapes. These findings confirm what we’ve been hearing for years: PB inspires participants to […]

Participatory budgeting increases voter likelihood 7%

The effects of PB on voter likelihood Trust in government is at an all-time low, as only 18% of Americans say they can trust the government to do what is right. This deep distrust and cynicism leads  many to stay home on election day. The US has one of the lowest rates of voting among […]

Participatory Budgeting for Businesses: It Justworks

Last April, Isaac Oates was leaving his local library when a stranger asked him to vote. At first he politely declined, but when the volunteer said it was about the budget and would just take a minute, Isaac took a ballot, and learned about participatory budgeting (PB). Six months later, Oates was leading a PB […]

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