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PB for Orgs: The Story

Now, for the first time ever, nonprofit organizations have the chance to learn the ins and outs of running a PB process through our PB for Orgs Cohort!?

Vanessa Acheampong-Tieku

A member of the New York City Youth Council (NYCYC), Vanessa Acheampong-Tieku hails from District 16 and is thankful for the opportunities to work with a variety of people and see different perspectives during her time with the program. The NYCYC is a partnership between the New York City Council and Coro New York Leadership […]

Making PB more Inclusive: Lessons from Long Beach

University student at California State University in Long Beach, Jessica Bracho has participated as a budget facilitator for PB Long Beach. Studying Sociology, she worked closely with PB researcher Professor Gary Hytrek who sparked her interest in community development. Jessica shares the valuable lessons learned in making PB inclusive and a great experience for all […]

PB Stories: Food Rescue Van feeding Cambridge Residents, One Meal at a Time

PB Cambridge’s “Food Rescue Freezer Van” project is expected to double the capacity of meals to be rescued and distributed, ranging from about 3,500-7,000 healthy frozen meals. The Food Rescue project was one out of seven projects that won funds through PB Cambridge voters and expands on the Massachusetts food waste ban, meant to reduce […]

Judith Bourque

When we started working with the small town of Dieppe, Canada to help them launch their first participatory budgeting (PB) process they asked us about the lowest voting age we had ever seen. When we provide technical assistance it’s up to our partners to lead writing the rules and setting priorities for engagement. Dieppe made sure that young people were […]

Growing Families with PB in Long Beach, CA: Kasia McDermott’s PB Story

We always wants to know what got our members interested in PB. Solaire Spellen, our West Coast Program Assistant, interviewed Long Beach District 9 Committee Co-Chair Kasia McDermott! Solaire: Tell us about yourself, Kasia. Kasia: My husband and I purchased our first home in Houghton Park (Long Beach, CA) in October 2013. We have three […]

Alissa Schwartz & Max Drury

Yup, you read that correctly! Maximillian Viking Drury, a 13-year-old from Brooklyn, successfully persuaded voters to fund a PB initiative that will put $225,000 toward improving his sister’s school! The young Brooklynite is one of many youths who are inspired by the opportunity to have real power over their community’s decision making processes. Having caught […]

Steven Serling

High-school Social Studies teacher Steven Serling knows what democratic engagement can do for young people. A advocate of learning-by-doing, Mr. Serling emphasizes the way in which youth participation in PB encourages young people to become engaged citizens, effective communicators, and thoughtful decision makers.   Unsurprisingly, Mr. Serling has been nominated for a hometown hero award. […]

A Young Agent For Change: Stephen Lafume’s PB Story

  It is not everyday that a 16-year-old gets to help decide how his city should spend $1 million dollars. Isabel Luciano, our East Coast Program Assistant, recently interviewed Stephen Lafume, who worked as a change leader on Boston’s Youth Lead the Change Council. Just a few weeks ago, thousands of young residents of Boston voted on […]