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PB for Orgs: The Story

At PBP, we are constantly interrogating how to build an organizational culture that aligns with our values. From that enduring commitment came PB2 , PBP’s internal participatory budgeting process.

PB^2 gives staff, donors, and board members, and PBP’s broader community of people committed to participatory democracy the chance to shape and drive the organization. Our most recent cycle yielded three tangible projects: gathering case studies to use participatory democracy to transform the justice system; training students and young people to take PB back to their schools and communities; and ensuring staff members have a healthy, thriving, and supportive remote office culture.

As PBP’s 2021 Nevins Fellow, I had the opportunity to interview PBP staff about PB for Orgs why they think it matters. The case was clear, PB for Orgs effectively demystified the organizational budget, led to beneficial projects, and got every staff member involved and excited about the process!

Each individual project holds the potential to bring something diverse and transformative to our organization. “It was exciting to see the broader community vote for us to take care of our staff really well. The PB2 process is also how we’ve been able to fund toolkits and resources for racial equity,” says Co-Executive Director Shari Davis.

“You will have an opportunity to learn about a revolutionary practice that you can bring to your organization and build on,” states Shari. This six-week program will include a weekly 90-minute training along with all of the tools and resources you and your organization need to make PB a part of your organization!

Incorporating PB into your organization can come with tangible benefits and shifts in organizational culture: “The budget used to be a murky, looming thing. Using PB as a method to allocate budget, we focus on giving the information and decision-making power to our people,” states Kristina Banks, Co-Executive Director. 

“PB for Orgs as a practice is a way to be values aligned in your work. This cohort is a way to pursue that safely-to bring equity into your organization, and to name the specific needs to make that happen. This cohort will help you get comfortable with shifting how your organization shares power and make a pathway towards moving to action!” says Kristina. 


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