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The results are in! PB^2

We’re excited to announce the winning projects in PB2 – our PB process for projects to make PB better!

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150 people donated and voted on the 9 proposals on the ballot

Thank you to everyone who voted, everyone who submitted ideas, and contributed to the pot of money that funds these projects!

Based on our current tallies, we raised a total of $32,000 in individual donations in the year ending June 30th, so half of that creates a PB pot of $16,000. That’s enough to fund these top two projects.

1. 93 votes – Toolkit: Organizing Marginalized Communities in PB, $5,000

1. 93 votes – PB in Schools Curriculum, $8,000

3. 51 votes –  PB Advocacy Training Curriculum, $5,000

4. 48 votes – Training Video: Proposal Development, $6,000

5. 47 votes – Online Tools for Asking Local Officials to Launch PB, $4,500*

6. 36 votes – Improve Digital Tools for Voting, $6,000

7. 32 votes – SMS Engagement Toolkit, $4,000

8. 23 votes – PB Outcomes & Photo Archive, $7,000

9. 21 votes – By the People Conference Participation, $4,000

*We are also thrilled to announce that a generous anonymous donor has stepped up to fund another item from our ballot – Online tools for asking local officials to launch PB.

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