Tuesday & Wednesday Only: Free Books, T-Shirts, Lunches, Accordion Lessons & More

If you make a donation to The Participatory Budgeting Project this Tuesday or Wednesday, we have some fantastic gifts to share with you. Several of our supporters have stepped up with in-kind contributions, and we hope you’ll join them in pushing PB to the next level. Each gift is only available for a short time and in limited supplies, so please see the list below and then donate.

We’re also thrilled to announce that, thanks to contributions from over 100 people like you, we’ve already raised enough money to fund one project in our own participatory budgeting process – PB2. With your help, we can fund at least two of these critical projects – hiring a new fundraiser or youth engagement worker, producing a new PB intro video or publicity materials, or carrying out one of the other proposals on the ballot.

As you’re making end of year tax-deductible donations, please consider giving to PBP. And if you’re still looking for holiday gifts, why not make a donation in someone’s name?

Gifts for PB Supporters

Tuesday, December 18th

Wednesday, December 19th

Tuesday & Wednesday

  • Donate Any Amount – Win one of the following (while supplies last):
    • A Main Squeeze Orchestra CD and accordion lesson, from PBP Advisory Board Member Rachel Swaner (accordion star & PBNYC participant)
    • A limited edition Zoo York skateboard deck designed for Stoked, from PBP Advisory Board Member Steve Larosiliere
    • A free lunch with a PBP staff or associate
    • A PBP t-shirt and stickers
    • One of the books above
  • Donate at least $500 – Up to 5 books, a t-shirt, and a free lunch or dinner with a PBP staff or associate, or Chicago Alderman Joe Moore!

We hope that you’ll show your commitment to democracy by making a tax-deductible donation here!