Vote for New PB Materials!

By Ramon Quintero, PBP Community Engagement Assistant for PB Vallejo:

Over the past five year doing outreach, I have learned that when I have good materials, people in the streets trust me more and talk to me more easily. A flyer or handout is the business card of the community organizer – it identifies who you are and why someone should talk with you. When I go door-to-door and talk to complete strangers, I always make sure I have enough flyers & printed materials.

These materials are the first impression people have about PB, and first impressions matter. Good materials help me connect with people who otherwise might not pay attention. When people read our materials, they ask questions about PB. I recently had a short conversation in Vallejo, when a woman saw me posting a flyer at a local Starbucks. She started asking, “Hey, what is that PB Vallejo thing? Where does that $3 million come from?” We talked for over five minutes, and at the end of our conversation, she told me that she liked our flyer and would attend our next assembly.

By deciding to fund new print materials that PBP and other organizers can use to promote PB, you will facilitate outreach efforts on the ground, and educate people that might not have access to a computer or be able to come to meetings. With a good message and professional materials we can build confidence in PB. Please give and vote for the New PB Brochures and Info Sheets.