In a time of rising civic disengagement, many city leaders are using an innovative tool to  reconnect with the people they serve: Participatory budgeting, known as “PB.”


WHITE PAPER: Next Generation Democracy (September 2016)

From Frustration to Collaboration: Innovative Leadership with Participatory Budgeting

PB is a  democratic process that gives ordinary people direct control over a portion of a public budget.  It empowers residents, engages them in finding solutions, and knits communities together.

The white paper explores three main reasons why leaders in more than 3,000 cities and municipalities have implemented PB:

  • It’s Effective Leadership. The process motivates broad participation and engages communities in finding solutions that respond to community needs.
  • It’s Fair Leadership. PB engages a true cross-section of the community. More people get inspired and active, including those who often can’t or don’t participate, like youth.
  • It’s Visionary Leadership. By supporting their communities to become more resilient and connected, officials who do PB build a legacy as bold and innovative leaders.


This paper shows how innovative leaders are using PB to reach more people, bridge community divides, & make government work. Download our White Paper and share it with elected leaders, city staff, and community advocates!



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