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2017 PB2 Ballot

To practice what we preach, PBP invites everyone who donates to our organization to decide how part of the donations are spent – it’s our own participatory budgeting process called PB2.

Project 1 | Map of Funded PB Projects

Build an initial pilot of a searchable online map to document proposed and funded PB projects by location, vote year, and category across cities in North America. This visualization tool will show residents what their participation has accomplished, give ideas for projects they could consider, and help them hold agencies more accountable.

Project 2 | PB for Homeless Services ToolkitProject 2-Homeless


Develop materials that cities and service providers can use to engage homeless people in deciding how public funds are spent on homeless services and programs. The toolkit will identify potential funding streams, implementation strategies, and engagement approaches for using PB to make homeless services more empowering, educational, and effective.

Project 3 | User-Friendly Delegate MaterialsProject3 - Delegate Materials


Hire a graphic designer to create a more accessible design of budget delegate materials, such as delegate and facilitator guides. This will enable us to redesign core materials, helping delegates structure meetings and work to accomplish goals, and making proposal development more accessible to diverse participants.

Project 4- Legal guideProject 4 | Primer on Legal Issues for PB


Hire a legal researcher to develop a guide on legal issues facing PB processes, for issues such as legislation, accessibility, information management and sharing, and procurement. Compiling legal issues and solutions can help PB processes learn from experiences elsewhere, reduce risks, and avoid problems as they get started.

Project 5 | Ballot Template and GuideProject 5 - Ballot design


It is hard to make PB ballots accessible and easy to navigate and to balance the amount of information to include. We will research best practices, interview PB staff, and work with a designer to create a PB ballot template and guide, to make voting more informed, efficient, and accessible, including to non-English speakers.

Project 6 | PB Research LibraryProject 6 -Research Library


Hire a part-time employee to compile research articles and findings on the impacts of PB into a searchable online archive that can be used by PB advocates, researchers, and implementers. By compiling and organizing research findings in an easy to navigate archive, we can better show why PB matters and help advocates launch and grow PB processes.

Project 7 | PB Toolkit for Organizational BudgetsProject 7 -Network


Develop a toolkit that organizations can use to implement PB for their own budgets. Helping organizations run their own PB processes will empower their staff and community, and build capacity and awareness for PB. This project will enable other organizations to adapt the PB2 model that PBP has already developed.

Project 8 | Website Guide for PB ProcessesProject 8 - website


What makes a good PB website? To make creating a quality web presence easier for local PB processes, we will create and distribute a guide for developing an effective public PB website. This will help local processes better share information, recruit and support participants, and communicate impacts.

Project 9 | Organizing Toolkit UpgradeProject 9 - Organizing

Contract with a writer and designer to upgrade our 2014 Organizing for PB Toolkit, to help people more effectively organize to win PB in their community. The writer would interview organizers and revise messaging, resources, and worksheets. A new webpage would walk visitors through the toolkit and related multimedia, to make it more understandable.

Project 10 | Video: PB Advocacy for Elected OfficialsProject 10 - video


Create powerful video interviews of elected officials who champion PB to highlight the benefits from their point of view. Capture practical, inspiring testimony aimed at their peers to address fears of local elected officials who have not yet implemented PB, such as where the money will come from, how to implement PB, and what voting looks like.

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PBP helps communities decide how to improve using public money.

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