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Your votes are in! 2017 PB2 winning projects

186 supporters like you voted to decide how to spend $30,000 to make PB bigger and better in 2018!

BIG thank you to our amazing PB Amplifiers Alexander Kolokotronis and Kelsey Foster, who helped facilitate PB2, from idea collection to developing proposals to getting out the vote. And thank you to everyone who participated!


The THREE winning projects are:

117 Votes | Map of Funded PB Projects

Build an initial pilot of a searchable online map to document proposed and funded PB projects by location, vote year, and category across cities in North America. This visualization tool will show residents what their participation has accomplished, give ideas for projects they could consider, and help them hold agencies more accountable.

75 Votes | PB for Homeless Services ToolkitProject 2-Homeless


Develop materials that cities and service providers can use to engage homeless people in deciding how public funds are spent on homeless services and programs. The toolkit will identify potential funding streams, implementation strategies, and engagement approaches for using PB to make homeless services more empowering, educational, and effective.

56 Votes | Video: PB Advocacy for Elected OfficialsProject 10 - video


Create powerful video interviews of elected officials who champion PB to highlight the benefits from their point of view. Capture practical, inspiring testimony aimed at their peers to address fears of local elected officials who have not yet implemented PB, such as where the money will come from, how to implement PB, and what voting looks like.

The full results:
Projects Total Votes
PB for Homeless Services Toolkit 117
Map of Funded PB Projects 75
Video: PB Advocacy for Elected Officials 56
Organizing Toolkit Upgrade 55
PB Toolkit for Organizational Budgets 52
Primer on Legal Issues for PB 50
User-Friendly Delegate Materials 45
Website Guide for PB Processes 40
PB Research Library 38
Ballot Template and Guide 32

View the project descriptions on the 2017 ballot.

For more info on our PB2 process and how you can participate, see our PB2webpage.

Is there a project you were rooting for that didn’t win? You can help to fund it with additional donations!

Thank you to all of our supporters for their continued commitment in helping us deepen democracy and build stronger communities through PB. We can’t wait to kick-off the next PB2 cycle with YOU. Stay tuned!

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PBP helps communities decide how to improve using public money.

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