School engagement that’s almost too good to be true

Last year, we shared the very wonderful story of how Participatory Budgeting (PB) was introduced at P.S. 139, a local elementary school in Brooklyn where Miro (the son of our co-Executive Director Josh Lerner) goes to school.  PB addressed a sincere need at P.S. 139: a need to connect with families at a school of nearly…

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Building Community and Student Power in Public Universities

Urban public universities are difficult places to find community. In what are largely “commuter schools”, students have less opportunities to connect on a daily basis. Many students balance coursework, family commitments, and multiple jobs. It’s easy for campus life to fall by the wayside.  In the face of this, Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a vital…

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This is our moment – are you in?

Our team at PBP shows up month after month to grow participatory budgeting (PB) because we – like you – know how critical it is to build real democracy. Will you join us by signing up as a PB Amplifier, to contribute the monthly donations that we need to sustain our work?   This week…

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You made it happen: Your PB2 Vote Results

Our supporters voted to fund two AMAZING projects with $20,000 of their donations. We’re grateful to these folks for enabling even more people to make informed decisions about public money! Two of our superstar PB Amplifiers Kelsey Foster and Ashley Kuenneke, made this possible. Thank you to Kelsey and Ashley for facilitating our PB2 process!…

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Building Participatory Democracy at International Conference

Seventeen-year-old Participatory Budgeting Youth Fellow Jacinta Ojevwe stood before an international audience at our Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference and said, “To breathe life into this revolution, young people must be involved. That means we have to go to where young people are” just before she declared: “I am not just here for this conference,…

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Don’t miss this year’s PB vote season!

It’s that time of the year again: PB vote season! In NYC, the 7th annual vote week is coming up April 7-15! Residents in 27 City Council districts – more than half of the city and in all five boroughs – will decide how to spend at least $1 million per district for community improvement…

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Participatory Budgeting for Businesses: It Justworks

Last April, Isaac Oates was leaving his local library when a stranger asked him to vote. At first he politely declined, but when the volunteer said it was about the budget and would just take a minute, Isaac took a ballot, and learned about participatory budgeting (PB). Six months later, Oates was leading a PB…

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Can you sign up as a PBNYC poll worker?

People across NYC are gearing up to vote on how to spend millions of dollars through Participatory Budgeting in New York City (PBNYC). PBNYC works because people like you volunteer to make a difference in their community. Can you volunteer as a poll worker, to help your neighbors vote in PB and build real democracy?…

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Will you dedicate your birthday to democracy?

  Do you want to celebrate and make a difference on your birthday? Do you love participatory budgeting (PB)? Do you want to see the movement grow? Then, join our supporter community dedicating their birthdays to PB! Yes, I want to dedicate my birthday to PB! Our advisory board member Robert Sherman just dedicated his…

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