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Don’t miss this year’s PB vote season!

It’s that time of the year again: PB vote season!

In NYC, the 7th annual vote week is coming up April 7-15! Residents in 27 City Council districts – more than half of the city and in all five boroughs – will decide how to spend at least $1 million per district for community improvement projects. This year, people as young as 11 will come together to vote—regardless of citizenship status.

In Merced, CA, residents are deciding how to spend county discretionary funds for the first time. Supervisor Lee Lor is leading the way with The People’s Budget Merced: Community Unity for Improvement, where residents will vote in person and online on projects that create options for safer mobility, create programming and summer jobs for youth, and build spaces for cultural events.

At PBP, we’re also in the middle of a PB Vote with our own PB process called PB2. PB2 is PB for PB where our supporters decide how to spend part of their donation to make PB bigger and better.

This year, our PB2 ballot includes 9 projects that take PB to the next level across North America.

We’re asking you!

Should we…

  • invest in a PB Awareness Campaign to raise public awareness and support necessary to grow PB?
  • develop a toolkit that organizations can use to implement PB for their own budgets?
  • create a fund to sponsor PB talks, briefings, and trainings for local advocates?

These are just three of the 9 fantastic projects. The choice is yours!

Please join us and donate – you’ll then receive a link for how to vote. We’re so grateful to you for supporting PBP and real democracy!

Donate and Vote Today

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