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This is our moment – are you in?

Our team at PBP shows up month after month to grow participatory budgeting (PB) because we – like you – know how critical it is to build real democracy. Will you join us by signing up as a PB Amplifier, to contribute the monthly donations that we need to sustain our work?  

This week we’re launching a Spring into Democracy campaign, to sign up 100 PB Amplifiers in 10 days.





Here’s why we hope you’ll join us:

  1. Our opportunity is now. People are frustrated with politics as usual and turning to PB as an alternative. We’re on the verge of launching PB in dozens of new cities and hundreds of schools, but can only do it with your support.
  2. Your donations sustain our work. Individual donations are one of our largest sources of unrestricted revenue. Many foundations have shifted to focus on urgent crises, decreasing funding for the long-term civic engagement necessary to prevent these crises. We depend on you more than ever.
  3. Your donations will be matched. A generous supporter will match the first month’s donation of everyone who signs up as an Amplifier by May 10th.

A student at my son’s elementary school recently summed up why PB matters in our current political climate. Describing a global garden project on the school’s PB ballot, she wrote, “Our little corner of Brooklyn could use a small beauty. A small, bright light in this grey, grey world. What if we have a single light, a single garden to light the way in our community? We can, if you choose this.”

At PBP we choose to focus on this light and hope – empowering more people to make more decisions that impact their lives. We hope you’ll choose this too, by making a monthly donation to support the long term work of building a participatory and inclusive democracy.

Our team can’t do this alone. Will you show up for democracy by signing up as a PB Amplifier?

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