Yesterday the White House stepped up their commitment to participatory budgeting (PB) and released the third Open Government National Action Plan, which pledges to advance PB in the U.S. to help gov2000px-US-WhiteHouse-Logo.svgernment become more open. Thanks President Obama!

The plan outlines and prioritizes a citizen-centric approach to government, highlighting PB as an innovative approach to promoting public participation and responsive spending, and pledging to support its expansion in the US – “To advance participatory budgeting in the United States, the White House will work with communities, non-profits, civic technologists, and foundation partners to develop new commitments that will expand the use of participatory budgeting in the United States.” (p. 16)

The plan is a product of the Open Government Partnership, which was launched by President Obama and seven other heads of state in 2011 and has now grown to 66 member countries. The Partnership seeks to make governments more open, transparent, accountable, and responsive to their citizens with efforts like this Plan and the Open Government Partnership Summit taking place this week in Mexico City to convene over 2,000 open government reformers!

Learn more about the Open Government Plan & Partnership in the White House’s blog post.

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