Guest post by PB Amplifiers Ashley Kuenneke & Kelsey Foster.

We’re writing to you as fellow supporters and advocates for participatory budgeting. Over the past few months, we teamed up with other advocates to develop 9 amazing projects to help grow PB. From today till April 10th, you can vote to decide which projects to fund with at least $20,000 from PBP’s budget.

Anyone who donates to PBP can vote in PB2 – the pot of money is entirely from our donations, so the more we donate, the more we can fund. Will you join us by donating and voting today?

Donate and Vote Today


Ashley: Since getting involved with NYC’s participatory budgeting process as a volunteer in 2016, I’ve been passionate about PB’s potential to engage and empower people to have a voice in their government. It has been a privilege to help facilitate the 2018 PB2 process, which demonstrates PBP’s commitment to its mission by giving supporters the opportunity to advocate for the kind of PB we want to see and to continue creating more equitable, just, and sustainable communities.



Kelsey: As an organizer and advocate for PB in New Orleans, I hope to one day have a more inclusive, equitable, engaging budget process in my city. While we don’t yet have the opportunity to vote on our city budget here in the Big Easy, I have been honored to be a part of the 2018 PB2 process, where PB amplifiers, supporters, and I can have a say in how we champion this movement.



This year’s ballot has 9 projects aimed at taking PB to the next level across North America. Should we invest in:

  • A PB Awareness Campaign to raise public awareness and support necessary to grow PB,
  • Developing a toolkit that organizations can use to implement PB for their own budgets, OR
  • Creating a fund to sponsor PB talks, briefings, and trainings for local advocates?

These are just three of the 9 fantastic projects. The choice is yours!

Please join us and donate – you’ll then receive a link for how to vote. We are so grateful for your support of PBP and real democracy!

Donate and Vote Today

Thank you!

Ashley Kuenneke & Kelsey Foster

PB Amplifiers