All around the world, innovations in civic engagement and participatory democracy are transforming communities.

We are bringing together more than 250 youth, educators, advocates, elected officials, and researchers to explore innovations that empower community members to make real decisions and directly participate in government. Join us!

Mark your calendars for the Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference from March 8 – 10, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona – presented in partnership by the Participatory Governance Initiative at Arizona State University, the Participatory Budgeting Project, and the Policy Jury Group.

We’re opening registration and our call for proposals very soon. We look forward to proposals that focus on innovations in participatory democracy such as participatory budgeting, citizen juries and assemblies, and other innovations that connect engagement and deliberation with decision-making.

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We hope you will join us to build a more participatory and inclusive democracy!

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  1. Ravi C Shankar on September 12, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    VALLEJO-PB activists like myself had an early exposure to PBP and Chicago’s PB, thanks to our pioneer and former Councilmember Marti Brown. Together with 3 of her colleagues, Marti has inspired an ongoing army of volunteers, delegates, facilitators in Vallejo, CA who successfully improvise the Rule Book each year and bring more effective ways to Outreach, conduct Assemblies, coordinate Expos and extend community Voting.

    Arizona State University’s scholarly PB team headed by Dr. Daniel Shugerinsky gave many academic expert analysis and review of PB, including PB’s future at both Chicago’s PBP Conference in 2013 and at Oakland/Vallejo in 2015 where Alderman Joe Moore of Chicago met and inspired everyone present.

    During 2016 cycle-4, UC Berkeley grads helped design and monitor Online Voting over a month’s time which saw a huge bump in votes and youth involved. In 2017 Cycle-5, almost 1,000 ideas have been gathered; Last week, Marti Brown blessed starting of PB in Nashville, Tennessee thus, raising the profile of the lessons from Vallejo-PB and spreading PB to another part of the US.

    The overall involvement, support network, excitement and commitment, quality and quantity of much needed projects across communities and the inspiring scholarly structure of PB and PBP has nothing but phenomenal, as it has moved past getting the attention and blessings from President Obama’s administration, the League of Cities and even international recognition and support.

    We are all committed to pass the torch to younger, brighter, dedicated PB volunteers so rthat by 2020 and beyond, PB shall be a widely accepted embraced democratic way of life in towns, cities, states across America.

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