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✨ Seattle People’s Fellows Spotlight: Hanna, Kalie, Aleyanna!

Seattle People's Fellows at an outreach event with collaborators First row second from the left: Aleyanna' Third from the left: Kalie

The Seattle People’s Fellows have played a key role in engaging with youth to get as many as possible involved in Seattle’s historic PB process. We recently got the chance to interview a handful of our fellows about what the fellowship has been like for them. Read what they shared below!

Seattle People’s Fellows in Action

A photo of five happy people each of them is holding a glittery gold letter that together spells #PB&J

After an exciting first year working with young people in New York City to facilitate youth-led engagement and decision-making, we’ve launched the Seattle People’s Fellowship!

Want to Improve Education? Empower the Students.

Top 5 reasons Participatory Budgeting improves students’ education. By: Shari Davis and Dylan Welch Autumn is here — and with it, a renewed conversation about how educators, parents, and communities improve their students’ education. Often in this discussion, solutions come down from on high through public officials or people within the educational system. This fall, […]

Summer News: Welcome a new wave of voters + civic innovation

PB increases voter likelihood by 7% New research shows that people who take part in PB are 7% more likely to vote in an election. Candidates are winning recent elections by narrow margins. A 7% increase in voter likelihood could reshape political landscapes. These findings confirm what we’ve been hearing for years: PB inspires participants to […]

School engagement that’s almost too good to be true

Last year, we shared the very wonderful story of how Participatory Budgeting (PB) was introduced at P.S. 139, a local elementary school in Brooklyn where Miro (the son of our co-Executive Director Josh Lerner) goes to school.  PB addressed a sincere need at P.S. 139: a need to connect with families at a school of nearly […]

Building Community and Student Power in Public Universities

Urban public universities are difficult places to find community. In what are largely “commuter schools”, students have less opportunities to connect on a daily basis. Many students balance coursework, family commitments, and multiple jobs. It’s easy for campus life to fall by the wayside.  In the face of this, Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a vital […]