Welcome to the new participatorybudgeting.org

Over the fall, our  team worked together to re-architect our information, technically improve and secure our digital infrastructure, and integrate new design and the web as a platform to easily share tools for PB.


Firstly, a huge shout out to the following people who helped make this possible and, dare we say … participatory?!

To the Board and Advisory Board members who generously donated time and expertise to review the site, thank you to: Silaka Cox, Aseem Mulji, Alex Flynn, Claudia Calabro, Carolina Johnson, Francesco Tena, and Isaac Jabola.

Thanks to the volunteers and good folks at 48in48.org, who donated design expertise and got honorable mention for their work! Kenrick Miller championed and managed the design process, team members Alexandra Kardagras, Jean Lai, Lauren Ulmer created the design, and Alex Witkowski kicked it off.  

Screenshot the new homepage for participatorybudgeting.org



We are happy with the overall result and impact so far:

Look for new and improved resources and even more PB support on the web from PBP in the coming months.

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